With A Dog

Being Authentic w/ Pacific Hound

July 15, 2020 Carly Parish Episode 17
With A Dog
Being Authentic w/ Pacific Hound
Show Notes

We're back featuring an amazing PNW brand called pacifichound.com! We sit down (actually Zoom call cause rona still around) with their inspiring founder Alysson. She tells us all about the normal life struggles that led her to starting Pacific Hound, the craziness of having 3 very different dogs, and the importance of authenticity in your life and your business.
Episode Highlights-
-Carly got a house!
- Issy's got the sh*ts
- Life is hard and starting a business is harder.
- 3 crazy doggos
- DoGood Box
- How being being yourself and working hard will give you an authentic business.

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