With A Dog

10 Lessons I've learned From My Podcast Guests

January 03, 2024 Carly Parish Episode 168
With A Dog
10 Lessons I've learned From My Podcast Guests
Show Notes

Happy 2024!! Before embarking on this new year we're reflecting back on important dog parent lessons we've learned from past guests.

1) Take More Good Pics With your Dog
Whoa That Photo w/ Allison Shamrell Photography  Jul 29, 2020
Damn That Gram! w/ Kelsey of @littlepnwpups  Apr 15, 2020

2) Knowledge about purepred dog genetics and responsible breeding
Purebreds in Crisis ft. Dr. Sean McCormack  Nov 9, 2022
Breaking Down Brachy Breeds ft. @ben.the.vet  Mar 2, 2022
Finding a Responsible Breeder w/ @charlottewithdogs  Jan 20, 2021

3) Reflecting on your feelings towards your dog and putting your own needs first
Taking Lessons From A Dog ft. Karoline of @dogmommentality  Mar 8, 2023
Does Your Menstrual Cycle Affect Your Dog? ft. @tellingourtails  Sep 19, 2023

4) Dog Dental Health
Doggy Dental Health ft. Graham Pet Dentist  Feb 1, 2023

5) Lean in dog mom lifestyle
Dog Poop But Make It Cute ft. @woofandwonder  Mar 22, 2023

6) The importance of pet insurance
Money, Time, Stress: A Dog Mom's Story ft. Megan @stumpsandrumps  Jun 15, 2022
\What is Pet Insurance? w/ Dr. Stacy of Pumpkin Pet Insurance  Oct 13, 2021

7) How societal ideologies can impact dog culture
The Patriarchy That Pervades Dog Culture ft. @dinkdogmom  Sep 13, 2023
The Black Dog Mom's POV w/ Kassidi of @ginger_naps  Jun 23, 2021

8) There are different dog training modalities for a reason
What If We Hate Training Our Dogs? ft. Morgan @junowiththebigears  Feb 2, 2022
Adventure Activities with Reactivitiy ft. @longhaultrekkers  Feb 9, 2022

9) Don't let dogstagram influence how you live life with a dog
Don't Let Dogstagram Dictate What to Train Your Dog w/ Pam of @tetonhounds  Aug 11, 2021
Play With Your Dog! w/ Haley of @paws.andreflect  Oct 6, 2021
Why I Quit Dogstagram ft. @jonathans.journal  Sep 6, 2023

10) You can champion other interests along with dog parent life
Must Love Dogs and Comedy [NYC Tour Series] ft. Jolie Dudley  Oct 5, 2022 

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